Monday, November 7, 2016

Using Licensed Electronic Resources

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Search the Library and you will find more than just electronic articles and books. You will also learn how you can use and re-use these resources, which are made available to you via licensing agreements negotiated by staff at the University of Alberta Libraries.

As a course instructor you have likely uploaded an article to your learning management system (LMS), such as eClass or uLearn, for your students.

Information about whether or not our license allows this use, as well as others such as inclusion in course packs, downloading, or printing, is available in the “Our Usage Rights” column in catalogue entries (see the screenshot below) or by following the "Get It! ualberta" link.


Looking for ebook usage rights? These are often found in the first few pages of the downloaded material. In addition, the eBook Library Guide provides information about downloading, printing, and saving eBooks made available through major providers:

Have more questions about using electronic resources in your classroom and/or making copies of course materials in general? Contact the Copyright Office at

Have questions about the terms of use for a specific database or electronic resources licensed by the University of Alberta Libraries? Contact your subject librarian:

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