Friday, November 18, 2016

Research and Collections Resource Facility Update

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There have been several exciting developments in the planning and building of the Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF) that is currently under construction. First and foremost, the Libraries’ RCRF Planning Team has added two new members; Kyle Ouellette is the new Project Coordinator and Meredith Bratland is our new Strategic Communications Manager.  And, check out some of the recent photos from the site.

Staff at our Book and Record Depository (BARD) have been working with a LEAN process consultant over the past year to review and improve workflows and processes in preparation for the move into the RCRF.  CJ de Jong, our Access Services Coordinator, reports that this has resulted in changes to our book returns process, a reorganized bin system for deliveries to our NEOS partner libraries, tackling maps storage, the elimination of unnecessary supplies and shelving, and updated workflows.  Moving forward, we’re fortunate to have Kyle Ouellette, our new Project Coordinator, as a resource trained in LEAN Six Sigma processes. One of his first tasks will be to assist with workflows related to digitization in the RCRF.

A Request for Proposal is open for the RCRF’s new cherry pickers and wire guidance systems.  These pickers are used to shelve and retrieve books from the storage facility, which will have 30 foot high shelving.  The deadline for proposals is November 22, 2016.

Our Materials Preservation Working Group is making progress on meeting the operational requirements to maintain our Movable Cultural Property (MCP) Program Category A designation.  They are diligently working to develop new work processes, procedures, and policies that fully satisfy MCP standards for housing, handling, and securing Canadian cultural property, archives, and library materials in the RCRF.  The team is currently exploring sensor options to collect data on the temperature and humidity of the facility for materials preservation. An Emergency Response Plan is also in the works, and the group will identify and set standards for relevant training for RCRF staff who will need to learn new work processes for improved collections preservation and security.

Visit the RCRF web page for more information and updates.

Your comments and feedback about the progress is welcome and will be shared - let us know what you think!

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