Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rutherford Library's New Study "Pods"

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Students! Living up to it's reputation of being a great study hotspot, Rutherford Library has some new furniture that is sure to be a hit this coming fall term. Twenty new "study pods" were recently installed as finishing touches to the Rutherford main floor renovation completed in October of last year.The study pods are  one-person study carrels with:

  • Laptop tables that revolve on swing-arms.
  • A privacy shield to provide a private study environment. 
  • Larger pods also have plugins for charging phones or laptops while you study.

The study pods can be found on the main floor of Rutherford North, four near the entry,  five near the newspapers area by the computers and 11 by the main staircase and elevators. Come and check out the new pods before the fall rush!

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