Thursday, July 20, 2017

Explore Canada's National Parks, The Sustainable Way

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Admission to all 39 Canadian national parks is 100% free in 2017! It’s the perfect time to explore the gorgeous natural landscapes of this great nation. From mountains, to sea-swept cliffs, boreal forests, fjords and everything in between, Canada is home to a wealth of natural areas waiting to be explored. Curious about the diversity of the national parks across this nation or looking for trip ideas? Parks Canada’s website is a great place to start. There are also a number of illuminating resources to be found in the NEOS catalogue:

National Geographic guide to the national parks of Canada, Second edition by National Geographic Society

The national parks of Canada by Kevin Alfred McNamee

Canada’s national parks: a celebration by Parks Canada

A century of Parks Canada: 1911-2011 by Claire Elizabeth Campbell

Interested in keeping it (relatively) local? The catalogue also contains many items devoted to the national parks of Alberta:

Elk Island National Park trail guide and map by Parks Canada

Banff, Jasper & Glacier national parks, 3rd ed. By Brendan Sainsbury

Jasper: the 10 premier hikes by Kathy Copeland

Banff: the 10 premier hikes by Kathy Copeland

Speaking of exploring by foot, how should visitors conduct themselves to minimize their ecological footprint? Adopting sustainable recreation practices is a great way to help ensure that these gems thrive for the enjoyment of generations to come. Once again, the catalogue comes to the rescue with books on low-impact recreation:

Leave No Trace: a guide to the new wilderness etiquette, 2nd ed. By Laura and Guy Waterman

Backwoods ethics: a guide to low-impact camping and hiking, 2nd ed. Rev. by Annette McGivney

Eating hearty in the wilderness with absolutely no cleanup: a backpacker's guide to good food and "leave no trace camping!" by Bern Kreissman

Have saddle, will travel: low-impact trail riding and horse camping by Don West

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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