Friday, August 18, 2017

Launch of ERA A+V

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We are excited to announce the launch of ERA A+V, a new media-streaming repository that provides online access to audiovisual materials in support of teaching, learning, and research at the University of Alberta.

The platform is developed, hosted, and managed by UAlberta Libraries. While browsing ERA A+V, you’ll notice that you can easily create playlists and embed videos into other websites. The service provides powerful multimedia streaming functionality and allows for CCID protection of files. Additionally, audiovisual content from ERA A+V can be further restricted to certain audiences (e.g. a specific class), which helps instructors abide by copyright restrictions.

“ERA A+V provides many opportunities for researchers to easily share their audio and video content,” explains Sean Luyk, ERA A+V Service Manager and Music Librarian. “With the launch of this platform, the University community has the ability to host its own digital audiovisual content in a secure environment built for the needs of the academic community, in support of the increasing use of media content in research and teaching .”

Umar Qasim, Digital Preservation Officer and ERA A+V Technical Manager, adds, “At the libraries, we are very focused on the preservation of digital materials for long-term access. Ongoing efforts and resources are required to ensure the longevity of digital information. ERA A+V is an initiative that will help ensure that audio-visual content from the University will be accessible for many years to come, and is properly managed and curated. ”

How long is long term exactly? Could be 10 years, 100 years or even more.

Two engaging collections that you can already browse (make sure to log in to access all content) are:

If you would like to add your audiovisual recordings to ERA A+V,  please fill out our form. We can’t wait to hear from you and hear about your audio-visual projects.

What’s next for ERA A+V? The UofA Libraries are currently in the process of depositing the 50 year archive (1967-present) of recordings of performances at the UofA’s illustrious Convocation Hall.

Check out the ERA A+V description page on the Libraries website for more information and to learn about our our service policies.

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