Monday, July 10, 2017

Borrow a Lawn Chair From the Library!

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You have your ice cold drink and some reading material--what is missing?  A lawn chair!  Take advantage of #YEG’s beautiful sunny summers by borrowing a lawn chair from the HT Coutts Education Library so you can sit outside to read, study, or have lunch.  Use the cup holder to hold that icy cold drink or to hold your smartphone!

HT Coutts Education Library, located at the East Wing of the Education South building, owns 5 lawn chairs and is the only library on campus that circulates them.  Loan period is 4 hours per chair and they must be borrowed from and returned to HT Coutts Library.  Hours of service for this unit library can be found here:

And remember: The best seat in the library is outside!  So bring your OneCard and borrow a lawn chair to sit in any of our wonderful campus green spaces!

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