Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dogs in the Library is back in session!

It’s easy to let the stress of university life get you down. You’re exhausted from an all-night study binge... that big research paper is due next week... and you have to spend all weekend working on that group project… You know what might help? A canine pick-me-up.

University of Alberta Libraries will once again be offering dog therapy sessions with the feel good experts from CAAWLS (Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society) throughout the fall and winter terms. Pet therapy is a fun way to decrease feelings of loneliness and anxiety. The dogs of CAAWLS are wonderful listeners, love meeting new people and are happy to indulge in a cuddle.

Here’s when and where you can visit with the dogs this fall:

* September 20th: John W. Scott Library, 12:00pm
* September 27th: Herbert T. Coutts Library, 12:30pm
* October 10th: Cameron Library, 2pm
* October 16th: Herbert T. Coutts Library, 12:00pm
* October 16th: Rutherford Library, 2:00pm
* October 18th: John W. Scott Library, 12:00pm
* October 25th: Cameron Library, 2:00pm
* November 8th: Cameron Library, 2:00pm
* November 20th: John W. Scott Library, 12:00pm
* November 21st: Rutherford Library, 2:00pm
* November 29th: Cameron Library, 2:00pm
* December 6th: Rutherford Library, 2:00pm
* December 10th: J.A. Weir Library, 12:15pm
* December 13th: John W. Scott Library, 12:00pm
* December 17th: Rutherford Library, 2:00pm


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Angela, we don't have any cat visits scheduled this year. Thanks for getting in touch to ask :)

  2. I hope I run into Cappuccino this Tuesday at the Education Library!