Friday, June 30, 2017

True North Strong and Free: A Virtual Nature Walk of Canada Coast to Coast

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Celebrate Canada Day with a virtual tour of the country! You can find videos about different provinces, territories, regions and areas of Canada in the Can Core Post Secondary database.

Visit the Maritimes and learn about the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick and the Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia. Explore the underwater food chain in Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland and learn about the Confederation Bridge, the world’s longest crossing ice covered water, joining Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

See amazing aerial views of Niagara Falls and visit a polar bear habitat in Ontario. Tour Lower Canada, including Canada’s capital city of Ottawa and Quebec’s southern border region. Visit Torngat Mountain National Park to learn about land that originally belonged to the Nunatsiavut people from northern Labrador and the Nunavut Inuit of northern Quebec.

Visit the Prairies and see the Saskatchewan River Delta, the largest inland delta in North America, in east-central Saskatchewan and west-central Manitoba. Visit Lake Agassiz in Manitoba, formed 11,500 years ago from the meltwaters of a massive ice sheet or travel to the uranium mines in Saskatchewan. Explore the wonders of the continental divide, from Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park on the British Columbia/Alberta border to the soaring summits of Banff National Park.

On the West coast, visit sea lion colonies at St. Joseph’s Rocks in Haida Gwaii or tour the waterways of British Columbia. In Canada’s North, see the beautiful tundra of Nunavut, travel with an artist painting landscapes in White Pass, Yukon Territory, or learn about the geology of the Brock River Canyon near Paulatuk, Northwest Territories.

Happy Canada Day!

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