Tuesday, February 19, 2019

New York Times Digital - Now at UAlberta

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The University of Alberta Libraries are pleased to provide digital access to the New York Times! But what does this mean? The libraries already provide access to the NY Times in print and to historical content online.

With digital access, you can keep up with the current news cycle and access other great online features:

  • The New York Times app for mobile devices
  • NYT Cooking app (over 17K recipes that can be saved and accessed across platforms)
  • NYT VR app - experience (with a virtual reality viewer) some NY Times content in 3D
  • The Daily 360 - two dimensional videos that provide 360° views (with mobile device or mouse)
  • Interactive media (graphics, charts, maps, polls, custom content)
  • Video library (spanning all sections)
  • Augmented reality content (requires an iPhone 6S or higher)
  • Newsletters (there are a variety of topics that you may subscribe to)
  • Article history and save options (across platforms)
  • Article comment permissions
  • New York Times inEducation (includes 16 discipline-specific areas of study, discussion prompts, learning outcomes, instructional strategies, and co-curricular activities)

What is not included with our NY Times academic license:

  • E-reader editions
  • Times Insider
  • Premium Crosswords
  • New York Times Crossword app (app is free to download, but requires in-app purchase to access Premium Crosswords)

To activate your access:
  • Register for nytimes.com using your UofA email address.
  • Register for nytimesineducation.com using your UofA email address.
  • Download your NYT mobile app from nytimes
After registration you can enjoy access to NYTimes.com from any network or location.

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