Monday, January 5, 2015

UAL Engages Students to Enhance Library Services

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University of Alberta Libraries [UAL] convened the first meeting of its new Student Library Advisory Council [SLAC] last month.  The aim of this new group - described in more detail in its terms of reference - is to provide UAL with feedback designed to enhance library services to better meet the needs of students and improve their experience of the libraries overall.  

UAL received 36 applications through its call for participation in SLAC.  In addition to having a student representative from each of the Students' Union and Graduate Students' Association, 11 stellar students were selected to serve.  In total, SLAC has 13 student members - 4 graduate students and 9 undergraduate students - representing 8 faculties and 2 campuses.  

The agenda for our first meeting focused on getting to know each other, and soliciting feedback and direction from SLAC regarding how best to select books for purchase for the inclusion in the reserve textbook initiative.   Check out the meeting minutes for more information about criteria that will be used to guide purchasing for this new service.SLAC will be meeting 4 times this academic year.  Upcoming agenda items will include issues highlighted in SLAC student applications, such as building greater awareness of library services, and improving student spaces.If you would like more information about SLAC, or have questions, please contact one of our Co-Chairs, Angie Mandeville or Kim Frail.