Thursday, March 9, 2017

EDI Week: Human Library at Rutherford

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The University of Alberta is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion; EDI Week provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to explore diverse experiences. This year, Rutherford Library is hosting the Human Library from March 16 to 18, 2017.

What is a Human Library?

It is a space where you sit down, one on one or in small groups, and have a conversation with someone whose experience is different from your own. Participants can expect to hear personal stories and new perspectives that may challenge stereotypes they’ve heard. These conversations reaffirm human dignity through respectful discussion. Human “books” are individuals from various demographics who have experienced stereotyping or prejudice or who have undergone a life experience that is often mischaracterized or misunderstood.

Some of the fascinating experiences you can hear about include:

  • Broken Candy: One woman’s story of disability
  • How Can You Be Gay and Muslim?
  • Depression Greets Me Like An Old Friend
  • Transitioning Triggers: Surviving When You are Soft-Hearted, Sharp-Tongued and Trans
  • Adventures in the Forest: A Story of a War Child

Check out the online list with all the human books and which days they are available and then sign up for free through eventbrite.

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