Monday, December 9, 2019

Let us introduce you to... Marissa!

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Staff profiles tell the story of an organization. Here at the University of Alberta Library, this is ours...
Meet Marissa Fraser!
Marissa Fraser is the Archives and Special Collections Assistant at the University of Alberta Archives and Bruce Peel Special Collections. You can find her working on both South and North Campus. 

Marissa retrieving materials from storage

You have an interesting role working in Archives, what do you spend most of your day working on?
I’m the Archives and Special Collections Assistant and during any given day I can be answering reference questions, processing archival materials, creating finding aids, working with our (awesome) students, retrieving materials from storage or working in our online database AToM. Currently I’m working with our audio visual holdings. On Fridays I work at Bruce Peel Special Collections and assist with various projects. One of the great parts of my job is that I get to do a variety of tasks, which keeps things interesting!

How do you like the new RCRF building?
The new RCRF building is beautiful. The 30 feet high shelves are quite impressive. We are located on South Campus next to the University farm, so we get to see a variety of animals outside the reading room windows.

With Christmas coming upon us, which is your favourite holiday & why?
I love Christmas! I’m from the Maritimes, it's the time of year I get to see all of my family and friends from back east.

 2019, what was your most interesting reference question at RCRF?
We get a lot of interesting reference requests from both the U of A staff/ students and the public. They range from someone looking for photographs for a class reunion, to someone writing an article on AI in Edmonton. We even had someone come all the way from the Ukraine to look at one of collections for a documentary. However, I like the questions where I can help a family member find photos or information about a relative.

Archive's tree is decorated with archival supplies including film leader, film reels, artifact tags and a star made out of plastic paper clips. Notice the archival boxes and old archives materials as "presents" under the tree

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