Monday, March 26, 2018

Library Hacks: Reserves

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Welcome to Library Hacks, a recurring segment where we give you tips on using the library.

In this episode we learn about RESERVES.

What are reserves?

Reserves are library materials that are in high demand. Reserves can be books, DVD videos, sound recordings, music scores or any other type of library material that is being used as part of a class and therefore is in higher demand then usual. When items are on reserve they usually check out for 2 hours to ensure everyone in the class can make use of them.

How do materials get on ‘reserve’?

The University of Alberta Libraries has a textbook initiative that ensures all textbooks used in UAlberta classes over $50.00 get added to the related reserve collection in the library for that subjected area. So for example if you have an astronomy textbook that is over $50.00 it will be added to the Cameron Science and Technology Library reserve room. If your textbook is in Art History and it is over $50.00 it will be placed on reserve at Rutherford Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Instructors can also identify books and materials they are using for their classes and have them added to the reserve room. Student who cannot find their textbook can make a request to have the textbook added via a form on the library website.

How do you find reserves?

The best way to find reserves is to search for them on the library website first. You will find a Reserves search to the right of the search box on the library website.

In the reserves search you can search by course abbreviation like ANTHRO 101 or  ENGL 103 to see what materials are available for your class. The item records of reserve books will give you a Call Number that you will need to find the books on the shelf, and the record can also tell you if the book is in or checked out.

Try out the reserve search.

How do you check out reserves?

Once you have found the material on the shelf you can use the self-service machines in the Reserve Room to check them out. When returning materials, check them in on the self-service machine and leave them on a nearby cart for reshelving. Overnight reserves are due in the morning when the library opens. If the library is still closed when you come to return a reserve item you can put the materials into the book return and library staff will check them in when the library opens.

The most important thing to remember about reserve materials is that they are there for everyone in the class. Make sure to return your materials on time and share with your classmates.

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