Thursday, December 22, 2016

SLAC Tackles Big Questions for Libraries

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Our Student Library Advisory Committee is back for the 2016/2017 year. The committee was created to enhance library services to better meet the evolving needs of students’ experience at the library.

The student members act as our think tank by providing us with feedback and suggestions on a wide variety of topics and upcoming projects within the library.

Over the past two meetings, SLAC has given us great insight into the students’ understanding of what types of help they can get at the library, their suggestions on naming libraries’ service points and thoughts on possible student engagement programs like:

  • Blind date with a book,
  • Coding Workshops,
  • Wikipedia Edit-a-thons,
  • Blackout Poetry,
  • and Colour our Collection colouring pages.

Students have also offered their perspective on the new Digital Scholarship Centre that is in the beginning stages of development. The new centre will be located on the second level of Cameron and aims to provide physical and digital spaces for scholars across all disciplines. These centres make it easier to participate in digital environments by providing access to shared infrastructure, opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, and a space to explore common interests and concerns across disciplines and institutions.

SLAC members asked questions and gave suggestions for the new centre regarding training, if there would be possibilities to partner with the Technology Training Centre, and if there would be resources for virtual reality.

If you would like to find out who the current SLAC representatives or read the meeting minutes, please visit the SLAC webpage.

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