Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Research and Collections Resource Facility Update

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There has been a lot of progress at the RCRF building site on South Campus since our last update in July.  Slab has been poured and the framing of the building has begun.

In addition, RCRF Planning Team members and other library staff have been engaged in a range of other activities to ensure that the right collections are moved to the RCRF, that they are findable throughout the move process, and that archival materials in particular are adequately preserved in their new location.

Microform collections, currently in various locations, are being evaluated for consolidation at the RCRF in a cold room, specifically designed for holding microfilm, microfiche, and photographs.

With the first module of our new inventory software complete, staff at the Book and Records Depository [BARD] will be undertaking a project to barcode all shelves so that items can be easily located throughout the move process. This project will require the hiring of a few additional staff and the leasing of an additional cherry picker.  Staff use the cherry picker to reach our highest shelves at the BARD.

A Preservation Development Advisor from the Canadian Conservation Institute, Department of Canadian Heritage visited the library this summer to conduct a facility assessment of the RCRF and make recommendations regarding what is needed for it to meet requirements for Category A designation with the Movable Cultural Property (MCP) Program.  This designation, which University of Alberta Archives has had since 1978, gives access to tax incentives and grants for the donation or purchase of cultural property considered to have outstanding significance and national importance. To maintain this designation, the Archives - which will be moving into the RCRF - is expected to demonstrate an ability to ensure the long-term preservation of cultural property and to make it available to the public.  A working group, which will be chaired by Robert Desmarais, Head, Special Collections & Archives, is being formed to ensure that all operational requirements are met to maintain this designation.

Visit the RCRF web page for more information and updates.

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