Thursday, May 12, 2016

Library Support for Fort McMurray Evacuees

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University of Alberta Libraries (UAL) is open to all Albertans. Everyone is welcome!  If you are a Fort McMurray evacuee, please feel free to:  

  • use our library spaces. They are open to all. Check out our library locations and hours.
  • access to our public workstations and computer labs. Request a temporary ID at any of our library service desks.
  • borrow materials from our collections. K-12 curriculum materials, children's books, board games and puppets can be found at Coutts Library. Use your library card, or get one at any UA library service desk. 
  • use our group study rooms with UAlberta student tutors, particularly Fort McMurray students. UA student tutors can book a study room online for you to use.

The Libraries have also begun collecting website, social media, videos, and photos relating to the fire.  We'd like to invite anyone to nominate sites for inclusion in the web archive.  Submit your suggestions online.

We have also been in touch with our library colleagues at Keyano College in Fort McMurray. Keyano library staff have been safely evacuated, ​and the college is safe.  Keyano, like UAlberta, is a NEOS member.  If you are a Keyano student or staff member, please note that:

  • you are able to use all other NEOS libraries seamlessly.
  • fines on items checked out from Keyano or by Fort McMurray clients will not accrue.
  • It is anticipated that books lost in the fire will not accrue charges.
  • All books requested by Keyano students and staff for delivery from other NEOS libraries will be held until Keyano is ready to accept them.

Randy Reichardt @ Library/Info table at Lister Hall
Over the course of this week, library staffers have mobilized to provide a Library/Info table at Lister Hall to contribute to the much larger UA volunteer effort to assist Fort McMurray evacuees.  In addition, staff have been responding to calls for volunteers to help serve food during meal times at Lister.

Li-Kwong Cheah, Diane Schaub and Ruma Daulay serving lunch

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