Thursday, June 18, 2015

Head-Start Tips for New Students

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University of Alberta Libraries are among the best in North America. We have stuff that you can’t just get on the internet and that’s a huge advantage for your studies. But, it also means learning new skills and techniques. We won’t pretend it’s easy or quick but, after all, you’re coming to University for the challenges, right?

You will get full access through your CCID (for electronic material) and ONEcard (for hard-copies) sometime in August but here are a few things you can do anytime.

Explore our website!
  • Be sure AskUs if you have a question, big or small. It might be a lifesaver (or at least a mark-saver) later on.
  • If you really want access to something that requires a “CCID” - come to a library and ask for a temporary one.  

  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Find good study spaces.
  • Get used to asking questions from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Browse our shelves for inspiring books, newspapers, videos, music, and so much more.

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